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So I went i to his house yesterday and he made his infamous spaghetti sauce. Him meaning my boyfriend.

Anyway, his sauce is just.. AMAZING. Then again, he's ridiculously Italian... so yeah. So I had some, sadly I wasn't that hungry, considering I was still half awake, since I was there pretty early.

So he finishes off the first helping that he had, and then I was like "Wait, you're going to eat more, aren't you?" and he was like "yeah, of course!" (I told him to work on his eating for me.. ^^) So after some of that, I had already finished my little bit, since that was like my breakfast, basically. So then he's going back for more, THIRDS, and I'm like "you're STILL hungry?" (Certainly not objecting... ^^) So we took that to the couch, and he finished it there, and was like "Arrr I'm so full, it hurts," so I was like "lay back a little" and I rubbed him.

Now, he has like NOTHING on him. He's completely flat (sadness!), but low and behold, his stomach was sticking out quite a bit from his eating. I enjoyed. ^^; I rubbed his stomach for a while. So then he was like "Ergfm, just let me take off my shirt." so he did, and yes! I was right, he had this amazing, post-eating-a-lot belly... SOOO nice!!

I told him to eat like that more often... and to make sure he does a hell of a job on Thanksgiving.... ^^;
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