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First Day

So this is my first entry in this secret journal. Alright, here's the thing.

I've been a skinny, small girl all my life. I'm almost known for it.

Height: 5'2"
Current Weight: 115
Low Weight: 106 (a month ago. O_O)
High Weight: 115!
Current pant size: 0, sometimes a 1.

Basically, with school back in session and living off of cafeteria greasy fries, and pizza 5 out of 7 days a week, I've obviously put on a few pounds. Especially since this time last month. That's 9 pounds in one month!! So my boyfriend and I were out tonight, and he said that he really liked that for the first time ever, he could hug me without feeling just... bones. He liked it. Now, I've been encouraging him to gain weight for a few months (he used to be super skinny), and he's finally starting to show it, and I like it. So we both like our weight changes.

So now, I'm going to do an experiment. I want to see what it's like at different sizes. I'm going to go up till around size 5, maybe size 3. (I want this to be a small thing, nothing major.)

I'd be thrilled to have some people add me on this journal, so please add! It'd be nice for encouragement and to see what everyone thinks about this!
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Good luck with your weight gain!
Thanks! Mind if I add you?
Yes, you can add me :)
Added ^^
wow, we're really similar! i'm tiny myself- only about 4' 11", at the most. and i've always been really small.. my lowest weight at this height was about 93 pounds. and i used to promise myself that i'd never let myself go past 100. =/ which seems pretty.. blah, when i think of it now. my boyfriend and i decided that there's nothing great at all about being skinny, and when i saw him last i had gained at least 10 pounds, and.. he really loved it. and i could tell.. he couldn't keep his hands off my stomach! it was exciting. but as for him, he still seemed really thin. maybe it was just because his shirt was loose, or.. who knows, but.. he told me one day that he'd do anything that i wanted him to, no matter what.. and so i told him that he seemed too thin, and it made me sad, and that i wouldn't mind at all if he.. fixed it! =P of course, i said it nicer than that.. maybe if i find the converstaion i'll post it on my LJ, because i haven't really updated much about it, recently. sorry that this post is insanely long.. and by the way, that star is really hypnotizing!

I didn't notice this commen till now! Ach!

I thought that too when I saw the star. I was all "woah, fascinating!"

But yeah, my boyfriend is finally putting on some weight and today there seemed to be the very beginning of a small belly. I thought it was so cute!
My girlfriend are just starting to do something like this! Add me? :)
of course!
Add me too? This always fascinates me.
I've already joined with rosebuddy but you sound equally interesting :)
ditto :)
i added you. add me back?
good luck with ur weight gain :D its very fun
Good luck, and hope you are enjoying the gain. Keep us updated!
Sounds fascinating. Please add me? Thanks!
I'd like to be added as well if that is alright :)